My Collected READING SPLURGE For You
of articles, images and videos I’ve come by, read throughly, thought about, pondered, and later realized made a huge impact on me. For one or another reason. Tapping into my emotional being. Why, I have not analyzed.

These are well-written or well-produced stuff.
Or stuff that you will benefit from thinking about twice. Might make an impact on you too?!

Some stuff is in Swedish. I kind of would recommend Google Translate if Swedish is not your language (better something, than nothing).

If you read something and just feel an urge to contemplate with someone, I would be glad to start a respectful discussion with you.


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The end of capitalism has begun
BY Paul Mason Friday 17 July 2015 11.00 BST

We are entering a new exciting phase!


This Baby Was Dying In A Classroom, But At 1:17 You’ll Cry Tears Of Joy. BEAUTIFUL!
By Caroline

Citation that caught my attention: “Before you let your break into a million pieces, realize that life in Kenya is far different from anywhere else… and that this elephant baby’s story doesn’t end here.”

Social Media

I Liked Everything I Saw on Facebook for Two Days. Here’s What It Did to Me
BY MAT HONAN 08.11.14 | 6:30 AM

My thought: Wish I had came up with this experimental idea myself! Sometime ago, I did another Facebook-experiement thought. I changed the date of my birthday (to 8th of mars, from 4th of nov, which means a totally different part of the year) and basically I got congratulated by my Facebook-friends with half the ratio as “normal”. Evil? Yes. I feel bad about the experiment. And, Facebook didn’t let me correct the date of my birthday until 6 months later.

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