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A quick list of the apps I’ve developed.
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Fairtrade Vin is an app listing all the wine bottle and boxes sold at Swedish Systembolaget which is credited with the Fairtrade certificate. Users may give comments and set ratings for each wine. The app is made for the Swedish NGO Afrikagrupperna, who is working hard to set in place more fair trade agreements between workers and producers in African countries.


Fairtrade Vin App




Blobb Brickgame is an iPad game that teaches young children (age 2 – 5) recognizion and association of colours, shapes, symbols, numbers, letters and words in a fun and affirmative way.


blobb brickgame

Download Blobb Brickgame AppStore




Milla’s KidsCards (sv: Kalasappen) is a party invitation app for children to create personal invitation to be proud of. The app is a collaboration with graphic designer Camilla Tubertini. Many different themes including: Princess, Pirate, UFO, and Monster.


Milla's KidsCards



Facebook Page Feeder is an app to collect links to any open Facebook-page-feed without signing in or have an account on Facebook. The purpose is to read pages without getting distracted by red notifications popping.


Facebook Page Feeder

Download Facebook Page Feeder AppStore




Soundtrack is a demo-app made for ÅF with the purpose to collect environmental sound clips around the city. The app is made as a question-and-answer-game for families where children and adults get to know each other a little better while taking a walk in town.





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