Hackathons & Conferences

3 nov, 2014
Participating attendant
Internet of Things. Full day conference.

Wearable Tech Hackahton
10 may, 2014 at STPLN, organized by MINC incubator, Malmö
Participating attendant

22 may, 2014 in Göteborg

Demokratiappen 24 hour Hackathon
jan, 2014 at Foo Café (Media Evolution), Malmö
Organizer and Participating attendant

Demokratiappen, start-workshop
dec, 2013 at Foo Café (Media Evolution), Malmö

Foo Café (Media Evolution)
2013, 2014, re-appearing small conferences hosted by Foo Café in Malmö
Cocoa Heads
Demokratiappen workshops

nov, 2013
Participating attendant
The keynote with the XKCD-guy Randall Munroe was the best!
And getting a printed comic-book included for the conference was the next best!

IDG – Internet World Conference

Geek Girl Meetup Öresund
oct, 2013
Demokratiappen – ett demokratiminne baserad på modern teknik och att många människor som inte är politiskt aktiva ändå skulle vilja engagera sig i samhällsdebatten

PechaKucha 20×20

TedX Öresund
Participating attendant
Listen to the entrepreneurial voyage by TAT-founder Hampus Jacobsen (today: Blackberry Malmö-division) was very inspiring.

Geek Girl Meetup Öresund
Participating attendant

Geek Girl Meetup Öresund
Image Retouch with Photoshop – praktiska exempel hur man trollar med enkla medel

Geek Girl Meetup Öresund
Moderator for a discussion about inviting GGM for boys!

Sweden Social Web Camp
aug, 2011
Participating attendant
Un un-conference at the island Tjärö in Blekinge, Sweden
Participant at the very first SSWC.
It was all about sleeping in tents, BBQ, getting out to the floating sauna and talking Web 2.0 and Social Media with nerds from all parts of Sweden.

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